четверг, 14 ноября 2013 г.


1) The Mystery of the Gods   
The magnificent novelThe Mystery of the Gods by Bernar Werber is about Michelle Penson, whose soul has come a long way. He is a man, an angel and a god. The main character faces many challenges. He meets  love and together they go through these tests. But soon Michelle decides to save the world and get to the truth. Does the main character find the answer to his question : "People ruled the angels, angels ruled the gods. Who rules the gods?" What will happen to him after receiving this information?

2)The Elder Son

The amazing comedy The Elder Son by Aleksandr Vampiov is about two friends trapped in an unusual situation.The protagonist is Vladimir Busigin.
Busigin and his friend turn up in an unfamiliar area, away from home. They decide to go to an apartment to warm up and to introduce to a boy who opened the door for them, familiars of his father.
But during the conversation, they tell the boy that Busigin is his brother.After some explanation everyone believes in the story and the father too.Will the friends deal with this situation? Will they tell the truth? This book is the perfect read for your weekend.

3)The Sorrows of Young Werther

The masterpiece novel written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is about a young man, who tells the events of his life in letters to his friend. A young man takes up residence in a small town to be alone.One day he meets Charlotte at the ball and falls  in love with her. He spends a lot of time with her but his love is doomed because Charlotte has a fiance. A novel brought a huge number of suicides among Johann Wolfgang von Goethe contemporaries. How might it all end, if love becomes manic obsession?

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  1. Lena, thanks a lot for your work! What an interesting choice of books! To tell the truth, I haven't read any of them but got interested in the last two, thanks to your blurbs!

    However, mind your grammar - look for numerous Present Simple mistakes in your blurbs and plrase, find some time to correct them. Also, could you come to me on Monday?

    1. Julia Aleksandrovna, thanks for your comments.I have corrected mistakes.