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Homework. SB, p.108

1) In my opinion, the greatest writers from Russia are Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Mikhail Bulgakov.
2) Their great works are known worldwide. Lev Tolstoy is best known for his two longest works, War and Peace and Anna Karenina and Mikhail Bulgakov is author of the most well-known work The Master and Margarita. These works are read by people all over the world.
3) These works are read by people all over the world. Thanks to these writers, some foreigners addicted to Russian literature.
4) After reading the works of Tolstoy and Bulgakov, I had a different perception of life. It became clear that now is the time to stop being afraid to make a mistake, afraid to ruin a positive view of themselves. Passing through a bad situation gives much more than away from it, and actions that we do shapes us.
5) Yes, i really like it, because these literary works make me rethink life


1)Laertes want revenge from Hamlet because Hamlet killed his father Polonius and his sister has killed herself because of Hamlet's bad attitude.
2)He said that he is mad and everyone knows it. He has done all these bad things due to insanity.
3)In my opinion, Claudius is the real villain of the play, because he persuaded Laertes to poison his sword to kill Hamlet and he put poison in the Hamlet's wine whereupon Gertrude drunk poisoned wine.
4) Because Hamlet finds out about Claudius's plan and that he killed Hamlet's mother by mistake.
5)Because they both hurt each other and we can assume that they're even.
6) Hamlet says to Horatio that he votes for Fortinbras to be the new King of Denmark.

1) Yes, I like this scene from Hamlet, because it teaches us to be honest, not vindictive, peace-loving, otherwise our anger can lead to trouble.
2) My favourite character in this scene is Hamlet because he establishes the validity of forcing Claudius to drink poison and forgives Laertes for his bad actions.

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