четверг, 16 января 2014 г.

Opinion on Advertising

In my opinion, nowadays advertising is really important in our life. Through advertisements people can learn about the product or service and choose a more suitable product for themself. Ads shows all advantades of a product or service to the public to help sell a product. 
We are being bombared with advertising all the time and we can't get 
away from it, because there are many types of advertising: billboards, radio/ TV commercials,
adverts in films, email, pop- ups etc. Advertising is all around us.
I think that advertising affects everyone because advertisements are targeted at different categories of people and in they use tricks that make a person make a purchase.
If I were a company owner, I would spend money on advertising because it would help to attract public attention to the services of my company and cause an increase in sales.
For me, the best adverts are those that are amusing and interesting, like in the pictures. 

But I can't stand ads like pop-ups because they are distract me so much, so I get nervous. 
As for shopping, when I see the thing that I really like, I buy it and don't compare with things in other stores, because it seems to me that I wouldn't find the same things  anywhere else.
To buy quality equipment I often read reviews on the Internet and choose the most suitable gadget for me.

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