вторник, 29 апреля 2014 г.


1)I can't say now what is the biggest success in my life.I think it will happen in the future.
2) If I go to bed on time, then it is good luck.
3) Success for me is аchieving thе goal that you have set.
4)There are different ways to achieve success. On the one hand, many successful people have achieved their goal thanks to fortuity such as the environment you grow up in, society, opportunities. On the other hand, success requires hard work.
5)Sometimes, in order to succeed you must to force yourself to do something, you must to fight with your laziness and don't give up if something goes wrong.
6)When I achieve some success, I feel happy because I realize that I can be useful in some way to society.
7)I believe that the small successes that we achieve, help us to achieve greater success.
8)No, I think, in order to teach someone to have success, you need some experience, you need to have some knowledge.
9) Yes, I agree with this statement, because success - it is goals, and happiness - it is contentment with your situation.
10) Yes, indeed failure and success are the most difficult things in life. I believe that success sometimes requires a lot of effort. Some failure is very difficult live through, some completely destroys a person, but you can't succeed without some failures.

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